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I'm Brianna. I'm currently looking for Senior UX Research positions.

Where I've worked


Selected projects


1 | Taxonomy

eBay, May 2020-Mar. 2022

I led the research for a high-impact project to improve information architecture(s) for eBay's customer service tool(s).


2 | Soundreír

Georgia Tech, April 2019

For my master's project, we spent a year studying how people perceive digital music collections. We won Best Team Project.


3 | Infograin

Georgia Tech, fall 2017

I worked in a team of 4 to provide a cheap, flexible, subtle solution for people with dietary restrictions when eating out.


About Me

Hello again! My name's Brianna Pritchett and for 8 years now I've been learning about people - how we process language, how we consume, and how we interact with devices. I absolutely love that HCI gives me the opportunity to apply this curiosity in ways that have a real impact.

My other interests include reading as much as possible, collecting bits of Disney history, sewing costumes, and getting in touch with my Lebanese heritage through cooking.

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